BTS Jin’s Military Enlistment Postponed To The End Of 2021-Big Hit Entertainment

BTS Jin’s Military Enlistment Postponed To The End Of 2021-Big Hit Entertainment

In South Korea, it is compulsory that every male citizen aged between 18 to 28 to perform military service. As we know BTS eldest member jin is already 28 according to Korean age, he has to be enlisted for military service. It's not possible to exempt from this service but BigHit  has revealed an official statement regarding BTS Jin’s military enlistment where it can be posponded up to the end of 2021.

Big Hit Entertainment released the details of the stock through financial supervisor service's electronic disclosurer system which included contents regarding military enlistment for members.

As Jin is the oldest member, his enlistment was center of attraction.  According to the stock report  “BTS is composed of members born in 1992 to 1997 and are all eligible for active duty service. We believe that it is possible to postpone Jin’s enlistment date until the end of 2021.”

Big Hit also added, “To prepare for events such as military enlistment, sickness or accidents, we are continuously expanding our merchandise and video content sales that do not involve any direct artist activities.”